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The Globe Travel Guide
Illustrated travel articles about various countries, including France, Iceland, Scotland and the USA.

The Scotland Guide
Illustrated encyclopaedia articles on Scotland. At present there are over 200 articles about Glasgow, the country`s biggest city. The articles are based on David`s guidebook The Glasgow Guide.

The Iceland Guide
Illustrated articles about Iceland. The articles are based on David`s guidebook "Iceland: the Visitor`s Guide".



New book on Robert Burns
Entitled "Robert Burns and Ayrshire"; to be published in late 2013 by Stenlake Publishing.

Books by David Williams
These include travel guides to Iceland and Scotland.




New book on Robert Burns

David`s newest book should be out around October 2013.

It is entitled Robert Burns and Ayrshire and is published by Stenlake Publishing.

The book is the result of many years of research and has essays on the people and places in Ayrshire that the poet knew. There is also a biography covering his time in Ayrshire, an account of his two periods of living in Edinburgh and a description of his four tours in Scotland. There are about a couple of hundred pictures in the book, many of which can be seen in this website`s section on Robert Burns.






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